Is There Anybody OUT THERE?

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Is this thing on?

Testing. Testing.

Remind me to dip some mandrels tomorrow. I'm ready to get back to work!

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Thanks for Checking!

Thank you to those of you who come back and check for updates. It's been cold here, and we've been sick on and off so I haven't gotten out to my workbench in the garage to make more beads since the last pictures I posted. Things are warming up, and if I can get to feeling better I'll get busy again.

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Sorry, I promised pictures of what I was making this week, and then I got sidetracked.

Here's this week's worth of beads:

Not much there, I'm afraid. Today would have been a perfect day to get out in my garage and work because it's nice and warm, but I'm still in sidetracked mode!

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It's strange how sometimes I have to force myself to do things I actually love doing. I finally got myself out to the garage to make more beads today. There was snow on the ground, so I layered up and got to work.

I only got about seven beads made before my fingers, toes, and ears were numb, but it felt good to get back to it.

Pictures coming in a couple of days.

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Plans for the New Year

Today's topic on Flaming Hot! is Out with the Old, In with the New, and we've been asked to share our grand plans for the New Year.

I plan to build an inventory of beads to sell. (Oh, I'm having a major case of Déjà vu!) I'll start by listing them in the shop on my website and then I'll start listing auctions on eBay or I may check out Etsy.

I'd also like to take a class or two for new inspiration and to increase my skill.

After we get our tax return, I plan to sock a bit of it away for a shed to make into a studio. (Again with the Déjà vu.) Then I'd like to buy a hotter torch, and see where it takes me. These are my plans, or are they just dreams? I guess the New Year will tell.
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Do You Want to Make Jewelry?

Hey, you can make really pretty jewelry too! I thought I'd list a few resources I have found helpful while learning new techniques for stringing and wire wrapping.

The very first book I read about wire wrapping was All Wired Up: Wire Techniques for the Beadworker and Jewelry Maker by Mark Lareau. Mark and Vicki Lareau own a local bead store called The Bead Factory where they offer awesome classes and workshops. Speaking of bead stores, if you have one close to you, chances are really good that you could take a class there and go home with a beautiful handmade piece of jewelry of your own.

There are several magazines that give step by step instructions on how to make beautiful pieces. You'll find projects on their websites too. Here are a few:

Bead and Button
Step by Step Beads
Lapidary Journal

A great forum for asking questions of other lampworkers and beaders is WetCanvas! in the glass art forum.

When you start creating works of your own you can join metalchasers.com, a new social networking site for jewelry and metal artists. The site has great potential for promoting and selling, but what I like best is checking out the gallery everyday for new inspiration.

So, I given you a handful of places to check out to start. When you start making your own jewelry and you need some lampworked beads to make your jewelry really unique and special, you'll know where to turn! (I'm talking about me, but you'll find lots of talented lampworkers out there - something for everyone.)

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Something to Try

Hey, maybe I'll try one of these soon.

Stay tuned. I have a feeling I'll have some material for a new installment of Beads Gone Bad when I do.

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